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The preparation of this web-site was made possible only by the understanding and assistance of many members of the Rinehart Family. Individuals cannot be singled out for fear of excluding those who are responsible for maintaining the family history, our annual reunion and the fellowship of our family.

We are deeply grateful to those who have so strongly supported the Rinehart Family Reunion in the spirit of pioneers who came west over the Oregon Trail. A heartfelt "Thank You" to those of the "Rinehart History Committee".

As we read and hear of our Ancestors travels across on the Oregon Trail and the settlement in the west, we will not have gone very far before we realize that we are dealing with a family whose extraordinary perseverance matched their endurance and courage to settle and develop the land in the west.

There is a fascination in learning about the Oregon Trail. Many attempts have been made to catch and convey that feeling, but the spell is elusive. Life crossing the country in wagons, on horseback or by foot was hard. Dust storms crossing the plains, appalling heat through the desert, swift rivers to cross, eroded foothills and the high rugged mountains all presented a great challenge. But, the land was made for men not men for the land. Although endless struggle the Rinehart's crossed the great west with heart and knowledge that however hard the task, building a new home in the west would compensate. We have heartfelt gratitude to those pioneer Rinehart's, our ancestors, they were remarkable people.

Our special thanks to all the family who have been so helpful in providing information and support for the Rinehart Family web site.

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