Early Rinehart History
LEWIS RINEHART, the father of Lewis Rinehart, head of the family of which this history is written, was born in Germany in the year of 1750. With two brothers he came to America just before the beginning of the Revolutionary War, and located in Philadelphia. The brothers soon enlisted to fight for Independence in the Colonial Army. relatives have no record of them from that time. They were either killed during the war, or went to some other part of the country at its close. Lewis was married in Pennsylvania, and at the close of the Revolution, moved to East Tennessee. His wife's name was Barbara, but her maiden name is not known. They raised a family consisting of two sons, George and Lewis, and five daughters whose given names are not recorded. The family settled near Buffalo Ridge in East Tennessee. Lewis, Sr. was a German scholar and the German language was spoken in the family circle. In religion the family was Lutheran. Barbara died in Tennessee early in the 19th century, about 1806, Lewis, Sr. accompanied by son Lewis and family to Morgan County, Illinois, in 1829 and died there in about 1830.

George Rinehart, son of Lewis and Barbara, was born in 1780. He was a shoemaker and like his father was a cripple. He married Jane Matlock and lived all his life in Tennessee near the old Rinehart home. He died in 1860, at the age of eighty years.

Of the five daughters of Lewis and Barbara, two married men by the name of Collins, one married a Mosier, one died while yet quite young, and we have no record of the other one. She seems to have married but her husband's name is not known.

Lewis Rinehart, son of Lewis and Barbara, and paternal ancestor of the Rinehart Reunion, was born in Buffalo Ridge, Washington County, Tennessee of September 5, 1801, and died in Union County, Oregon, December 10, 1881, at the age of eighty years.

From writings of Henry Rinehart dictated by his mother, Elizabeth, 1893. Rewritten by James H. Rinehart