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    This newsletter is published for the Rinehart families. The Rinehart Family Corporation is an organization of the descendants of Lewis and Elizabeth Rinehart, meeting each year in June or July for a family reunion.

We welcome input from anyone who would like to pass along family stories, share genealogies, request prayers, or have other information regarding the Rinehart family. Current or past information would be appreciated. If you have an email address please send it so that we may keep you informed. With your help we can have a great time exchanging stories, catching up with family and looking forward to seeing all at the next family reunion.

Lois Smith with her team are seeking genealogy information.  Her team workshops for updating our Rinehart history book. Please advise  Lois of corrections, additions and any other updates (married into the family surname) to so that she may include changes. What a great team! We do appreciation for all you and your team endeavor.

Our thanks to Kent Johns for his photos of the reunion. His photos are always a joy to view and retain for memories.  Great shots! If you would like a photo please send a request.

Pass along the information that the Rinehart Family has a website. It is important to get the website address out to relative and friends. This is your family website.

Family members gather for 100th annual Rinehart Reunion
                La Grande "The Observer"

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