Rinehart's Family Story

Mother, Brother and the Rinehart Cooking Kettle

It was 1952. I had just graduated from High School when my family attended the Rinehart Family Reunion in Camas, Washington in June. The church camp ground were we gathered was a lovely spot with beautiful stately tall fir trees. Even a lake was close by. Uncle Doc and Aunt Charlotte hosted this reunion and they had found the perfect location.

Leslie, a cousin my same age, was there and it was just great to see her again. We could still laugh about years gone by when we slept in our sleeping bags in the big auditorium at another reunion several years before.

Aunt Freida was there too and told us intriguing stories about her years in Poland and the awful conditions there during World War II. Our protected American lives could hardly fathom the realities of the German occupation. First hand from Aunt Frieda, it stirred our hearts.

Another real treat was to Grandpa George. He was such a kind, gentle person....I just loved to be with him.

Lots of people gathered for this special family time, over 100 I believe. This, as usual, was a three day event, complete with meals, pictures, programs. We tented in those days and it was great fun.

Most of the people came from Oregon but some from Washington and also California. Very few from any further away....but that was always very special when some roving cousin reappeared.

My parents, Larry and Inez and my two little brothers, Larry and Joe and I didn't attend every reunion but whenever we did it became another great memory.

One of the unusual things at this reunion was an extremely large kettle  said to be the very one that came with our Rinehart family on the Oregon Trail in 1854. My Mother, and littlest brother, Joe were standing close by.... and snap, I got the picture!

Mother now is 95 years old and still lives in Oregon. Brother Joe has been grown up for a long time and he has just returned to our mother state of Oregon.                                                       

Lois Kegley Smith Kegley, Crum, Rinehart Line

Photo of the kettle at the 1952 Rinehart Reunion. 

Lois, thank you so much for sending this wonderful story. We and the entire Rinehart family wish to extend our thanks and appreciation for all the wonderful time and effort that you have provided in the research of our Rinehart history.

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