William Ellis RINEHART


Marriage Information:

William married Elizabeth Jane MARTIN on Dec 13, 1868 in Lane Co, Oregon. (Elizabeth Jane MARTIN was born on Mar 24, 1852 in Cedar Co, Missouri and died on May 17, 1934 in Washington Co, Oregon.)


Mr. Rinehart was born in Iowa in 1846 on his father's farm. In 1854 the parents crossed the plains to Oregon and made a home in Lane county, suffering only the usual hardships incident to such a journey, and the deprivations of a new country. The donation land claim lies tem miles south of Eugene City. There William remained with his parents until 1864, in which year joining his brother James H. as dover of a band of cattle, coming as far as his present abode in the Grande Ronde valley. There he invested in company with George Allen of his own Lane county neighborhood in a Cauyse pack-train and packed to Boise until winter. He sold out in time to return to the land of "Big Red Apples" before winter and remained at home for two ye The memory of the Grande Ronde valley, however, attracted him back to its beautiful scenes and with a band of his own cattle he made his headquarters near the present site of Summerville, Oregon, where he pursued the avocation of stock-raising and
farming until in 1883 he closed out his interests in that line and engaged in his present occupation as hardware and implement dealer in the repidly growing town of Summerville.

In 1868 he married Miss Elizabeth Jane Martin of Lane county and three of their children are now living in the Grande Ronde valley. Six of their children died of the devastrating scourge of diptheria, all in one week in the year 1881*. Note: should be 1880. From "History of ht Pacific Northwest" 1881 Vol 2, p 537-8.
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Elizabeth Jane MARTIN